What People Are Saying

“We give A&E the highest marks possible for professionalism, problem solving, and teamwork and coordination with our local architects, engineers and general contractor. Building in our City proved to be far more challenging than we could have foreseen due to staff changes in our City's permitting and inspections office. Constructing our Sola Salon Studios business on the second floor of an old three-story building on the edge of the historical district further complicated our construction.

At varying points in the permitting and construction process, we received direction from the City that was counter to anything our GC or sub-contractors had ever been told, and they collectively have decades of experience in construction in our City. Inspections were held up and previously issued permits were rescinded, requiring intensive engineering and architectural study of structural solutions to comply with a code book that was often vague.  

Through it all, Bob Fechtmeister and his team at A&E remained engaged and often responded to urgent weekend, late hour and holiday deadlines to keep our construction moving forward. They are consummate professionals and their national perspective, experience and expertise was invaluable in coordination with our local team. We will hire them again without hesitation!”

Elizabeth Mailander, Owner, Sola Salon Studios on Pack Square, Asheville
Sola Salon Studios


“We have worked with Bob Fechtmeister at A& E National on our first two Sola Salons construction projects in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Our first was 19 studios (about 4000 square feet), and the second, which is currently under construction, is 31 studios (about 6000 square feet).  Because of Bob’s extensive experience with the Sola Salons concept, he is extremely knowledgeable of the important details (and potential pitfalls) and was able to guide us smoothly through the process.  He has also been receptive to ideas and input from our contractors, which has helped to control construction costs.

Bob and his staff, Keith and Alicia, have been as polite and professional as anyone could ask for.  They are genuinely happy to hear from you.  It’s a pleasure to work with a company that appreciates their customers and show it.  Throughout the construction process on our first Sola Salons, I could call them any time to discuss details or solutions to unexpected problems.  They were never too busy to help.  And Bob was able to set up conference calls with his engineering partners to discuss and work through solutions to any mechanical, plumbing or electrical concerns as they arose.  

Especially notable is that on both of these projects, our building permit was approved by the local jurisdiction quickly (on the first application), and without any architectural or engineering changes needed to be made and re-submitted.  This I, indeed, a testament to the quality and accuracy of their work.   I would highly recommend Bob and his staff at A & E National to anyone needing a competent, qualified firm for the architectural and engineering work on a  Sola Salons, or any building project.”

Frederick A. Mattes, Director, Physical Facilities
Sola Salon Studios


“We are happy to be working with the A&E team. They understand our requirements, are responsive to our needs, produce the highest quality work product and cooperate very well with the rest of our development team. We have worked with other professionals on other projects previously, and have chosen A&E for our new projects going forward. We consider A&E to be a vital partner in our growth plans. ”

John Flogel, Sola Salon Studios


“Architectural & Engineering Services for Franshisors Nationwide has as its owner a very highly qualified architect named Bob Fechtmeister. Bob served excellently as project architect on several modernization projects with my firm and was a joy to work with. ”

Kevin Power, KPE - Consulting Engineers


“A&E National is essential to the Roosters team in building our national franchise. The responsiveness and professionalism displayed by A&E is a tremendous asset to our organization. They do their research and make the calls to get current information; where some firms only go on past knowledge and assumptions. This exceptional service has resulted in saving our franchisees, time and money. We are projected to build over 300 stores in the
next five years, I know we will make it happen and have a great experience along the way for both us and our franchisees. ”

Aaron Grondin, President/Roosters Men's Grooming Centers International


“A&E National is much more convenient for our Team Leaders than sourcing local architects/engineers and less expensive in most cases. Bob and his team are very familiar with our design criteria to ensure the consistency of our stores.”

Gordon B. Logan, CEO/Founder Sport Clips, Inc.

“Thanks all for your rapid assistance!”

David Boucher, Area Developer - Ohio

“My experience was great! I look forward to working with you on my next store.”

Dave Wohlberg, Team Leader - Minnesota

“Thanks for your hard work and keeping me posted.”

Gary Howard , Team Leader - Texas

“I want to thank you for the prompt assistance in helping us. Thanks again.  I appreciate your support.”

Phil Brown, Area Developer Northwest Territory

"A&E has been extremely responsive and helpful in the design of our first store.  From the preliminary discussions all the way to final delivery, I have been impressed with their professionalism, service level, work product and consultative approach.  To a person, they have acted less like a vendor, and more like a vital partner to our business."

Tom Maxwell , Team Leader - Ohio

“Given the value and the personal attention, I will absolutely continue to use A&E for future stores.”

Ed Smith , Team Leader - Georgia

“Overall, I liked that you took the ball and ran with it and my involvement was minimal.”

Michael Williams, Team Leader - Alabama


“Nice job getting it done so quickly.”

Aaron Ramsey, Store Owner - California

“Our GC said that your prints were some of the most detailed he had ever worked with.  Thanks for a job well done!”

Van Witthuhn, Store Owner - Kansas

“You guys delivered on time (a day early actually – which was huge because I needed those plans to get my permitting process started before I left town). Overall I’m very happy and I look forward to working on my next store with you.”

Guy Pisani, Store Owner - Illinois


“My overall experience with A&E went really well. I was able to obtain permits very quickly to start building.”

Sam Manzitto, Scooters